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Bad Boy Prized History

by Blythe Elder

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Get THREE steamy bad boy gay romance short stories with a collection of 15 free bonus gay M/M romance short stories inside!

Ben’s Bad Bike –Gay Bad Biker Romance

When a lawless teenage biker gang terrorizes his small-town diner, and he is forced to defend his staff from attack, Ben has no clue that he will find love in the shape of the gang’s leader, the one they call Skinner.

As an unlikely ally when his bikers get out of control, Skinner reveals a deeper, vulnerable side to Ben, laying bare his fears for his future, and the reaction of his family when he reveals his true nature to them.

As a kindred spirit, and one who appreciates the difficulties of being a gay man in a small town, Ben is irrevocably drawn to the biker leader, risking his gentle nature in a world where exposure can have painful consequences.

Deep Loving –Gay Threesome MMM Bad Boy Romance

For the past six months, I've been carrying on a torrid love affair, with a ripped, alpha male named Anthony. He's a hard-knuckled, tattooed, MMA fighter. He's the kind of top that all the bottoms dream of. But he's mine. He's all mine.

But after a while, even the hottest love affairs cool off a bit. Things grow a bit stale. The disenchantment sets in.
So what you do?

Well, you go out in search of other experiences, new partners. And that's exactly what I did! And I ended up getting much more than I ever had expected.

I ran into a Frenchman who must've spent a lot of time reading Marquis de Sade. He was into some really sadistic stuff. But let me tell you, we had lots of fun, dirty, smelly, sweaty, sexy fun.

But as you might've guessed, my MMA fighting boyfriend wasn't really too keen on me spending time with this Frenchman. Too bad for him.

But I've got a plan to bring us all together. Because that would be so much more fun than having arguments. Don't you think?

His Conquest–Gay Threesome MMM Contemporary Romance

A high school reunion brings together three friends, Ethan, Marty and Chris after several years of not seeing each other. As it is, they are all still single and lonely, which leads them to be attracted to each other during a fishing trip. Back at the campsite with the rest of their former classmates, they enjoy drinks around a bonfire. Marty and Chris begin necking while Ethan goes to the tent for water, and when he comes back, he also finds himself aroused.

Back in the tent, things become heated between the three friends, as they seek to take care of each other’s erotic needs. They experience pleasures that they had never known could exist, as they indulge in heated lovemaking. Ethan later finds out that his high school crush, Samantha, is still in love with him.

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!



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